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An Introduction to Development Finance

Development finance is constantly evolving, with a variety of specialist lenders entering the market. Whether you are an experienced developer, or looking at financing for development of your first project, it is essential that you have a specialist broker on hand to construct the right package for the development.

Development Finance and Financing for Property Development

Finance 4 Business is a specialist in providing property development finance solutions. Our highly experienced team are able to offer developers competitive, flexible financing for development with unrivalled support

Our team are experts in financing property development and pride ourselves on providing not only a professional and efficient development finance service, but on operating with complete honesty, integrity and transparency.

For more information, visit our guide to development finance.

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Defining Development Finance

If you own a plot of land, are wanting to purchase a plot of land or are demolishing existing building(s) to facilitate the construction of new dwellings, this could require a development finance facility such as Finance 4 Business.

Even for the most experienced developers, the world of alternative lending may seem complex. This is why we’re on hand to help you make the right property development finance decisions to maximise your potential for success.

There are a number of development finance products available which include traditional development, refurbishment, mezzanine and joint venture options. A complex development may include a combination of these products, which Finance 4 Business specialise in.

Tailored Development Finance

First Time Developers

Our knowledge and expertise in finance for development has enabled many first time developers to complete their initial development successfully. A dedicated financial adviser will guide the client through every step of the process, helping them to avoid many of the financial pitfalls that new developers will often encounter. As each project is unique, it is our job to ensure that we find the right development finance solution to suit the client’s specific requirements each and every time.

Professional Developers

A specialist broker is an integral part of any experienced developer’s professional team. The importance of being able to understand the complexity of a project and the ability to source the right development finance package from our extensive panel of lenders is imperative. Finance 4 Business ensure a client’s requirements are met and the transaction runs smoothly, to deliver a successful project. Our business’ core is specialising in complex deals, and with our extensive experience and knowledge in development finance, we deliver on what we promise.

Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures (JV) can be classed as two separate categories. The first is associated with experienced developers, who require 100% funding for their development project. This can be arranged through one of our JV lenders and is usually arranged on a profit share basis.

The second category would be formed between an inexperienced developer, who has cash resources to contribute to a scheme but needs to partner with an experienced developer in order to satisfy the general criteria of the lender. This helps ensure the project is delivered successfully from a budget and timing perspective.

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The Perfect Solution

A Joint Venture in the right circumstance can be the perfect solution, with numerous lenders now willing to consider 100% funding. We pride ourselves on our ability to allow you to access an extensive panel of experienced lenders, meaning you will have a multitude of options at your disposal for financing property development projects.

We can offer you a tailored development finance solution, enabling you to undertake any number of projects. Whether this is your first project or one of a number of developments, our team will be on hand to guide you through every step of the way.

Our Approach

Finance 4 Business are committed to providing a flexible and personal approach to property development finance. This is why we will carefully assess the project viability and build an initial proposal and also review your exit strategy.

Our Specialist and Commercial Mortgage team are able to assist if you are wanting to refinance onto a term loan at the end of the build. We do all this with minimal hassle to you, delivering adaptable expertise as part of a fully integrated development finance solution that is simpler, easier and absolutely transparent.

Our Development Divisions

We work alongside a team of development experts, giving you access to a complete solution under one roof.