Bridging Finance

Short term lending, long term relationships

An Introduction to Bridging Finance

As one of the UK’s leading bridging finance specialists, we are recognised for our ability to structure even the most complex of cases.

A combination of experience, knowledge and service, provides us with access to lender Premier Panels and semi-exclusive offerings, underlining our reputation within the industry.

We are proud to be fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) permitting us to transact both regulated and unregulated bridging products.

  • A dedicated bridging Case Manager
  • Access to semi-exclusive products
  • Rates from 0.44% pcm
  • Up to 80% LTV
  • 100% Funding (with additional security)
  • 2nd Charge from 0.78% pcm

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What is Bridging Finance?

As a directly authorised company, we are able to arrange both regulated and unregulated bridging loans. Being a specialist broker, we are here to guide you through the process, ensuring that we source the correct loan to meet the clients’ requirements.

It is a flexible short-term finance solution generally secured against land or property. Bridging finance has evolved over the years, filling the gaps presented by the funding restrictions and liquidity shortfalls that the high street banks find themselves with. Bridging finance has attracted a vast number of quality lenders offering fantastically competitive rates and leverage.

The key components to a successful bridging loan are: suitable asset, acceptable use of funds and defined exit strategy. Some popular reasons to use a bridging loan: property auction purchases, acquiring unmortgageable properties, carrying out light & heavy property refurbishment, preventing a chain break, downsizing, when a traditional mortgage is unavailable, capital raising for personal or business purposes and when speed of completion is key.

Visit our guide to bridging finance for more information.

Unregulated vs Regulated


Loans secured against residential investment properties, commercial or semi-commercial properties and land with or without planning permission.


Loans secured against a property, in which you or an immediate family member currently, going to or have previously lived in. This contract must be handled by a regulated adviser.

Exit Strategy

This is a fundamental requirement when you are considering bridging finance. It is imperative that a clear and concise exit strategy is planned, to avoid potential complications in the future. Exit strategies can range from property sale, personal funds or residential/commercial refinance.

If your planned exit strategy is to refinance onto a longer term mortgage, our Specialist and Commercial Mortgage team are available to discuss these requirements.