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Common questions answered

As with sectors of the finance industry, you are always going to have questions that you would like answering. Below are some of the ones commonly asked, but certainly not all of them. If your question is not featured below, then please do not hesitate to contact one of our experts, who will happily assist.

Specialist & Commercial Mortgages

What is the maximum LTV available?

85% residential investment.
80% owner occupied.

Is interest only available?

Yes up to 80% LTV for residential & 75% for commercial properties.

What is the maximum term available?

It will all depend upon the age of the applicants, but we can facilitate.

35 years for BTL.
30 years for commercial.

Bridging Finance

What costs are involved?

From the outset, Finance 4 Business will provide you a full breakdown of all costs and fees involved, ensuring we are fully transparent.

These will include the lender arrangement fee, monthly interest costs, valuation fee and legals costs. Other fees vary from lender to lender and all are disclosed upfront.

I already have a bridging loan but I’m coming to the end of the term, what are my options?

If we originally arranged the bridging finance, we would have discussed the exit strategy so this will be in place, although we understand circumstances may have changed. It is important you speak with one of our experts who can evaluate your current position and discuss the exit strategy available. We have excellent relationships with lenders so can act quickly should time be a factor.

Can I redeem my loan early?

Yes, although there may be exit fees or minimum interest charges involved. This will be dependent on the lender. From the outset we will advise you on these fees, if applicable.

Development Finance

What leverage is available?

We have a range of lenders with different product offerings and our team of specialists will tailor a package to suit your requirements. We can provide up to 100% loan to cost or 75% loan to GDV for certain projects.

What are my exit options?

We will discuss the exit strategy at outset, prior to compiling a package for you. If you are to let out the properties at completion, our commercial finance team will be able to assist.

What experience do I require?

We are able to arrange finance for clients embarking on their first project all the way up to seasoned property developers. We tailor development finance packages to suit all requirements.

Cashflow/Invoice Finance

What percentage can I get?

We have lenders that will provide up to 90% of the outstanding invoice.

What set up fees are involved?

We do not charge any broker fees for arranging the funding line. Lender arrangement fees may be applicable.

How quickly can this be set up?

As long as all the documentation we require is provided, we can arrange a funding line within 2 weeks.