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Striving to provide the best solutions for our clients

As a business we are committed to providing a flexible and personal approach you can trust. One of our preferred partners referred a client to us who needed to raise £345,000 to repay a Bridging Loan secured on their residential home. The client worked closely with Finance 4 Businesses dedicated Commercial Mortgage Team and in particular our Senior Adviser Stuart Cullum-Machin.

The original Bridging loan was used to settle a tax bill. The bridging company were demanding payment so speed was of the essence. As the original debt was for business purposes the new loan was classed as ‘Business Exempt’. This meant the transaction would be unregulated, speeding up the process.

We needed to entrust a lender that would complete in the shortest time frame whilst offering an excellent service. By supporting the client throughout the process, we were able to have all the forms signed and valuation received within 10 days.

Due to a tri party commitment to work quickly between the client, Finance 4 Business and the lender, we were able to complete and issue funds within a total of 14 days. The result was the customer avoided default charges on their bridging debt and the immediate risk of them losing their property was removed.

If you haven’t used Finance 4 Business before or have received less than satisfactory service elsewhere, we’d be delighted to welcome you as one of our valued introducing partners.

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