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Case Studies

Breaking The Market Trend To Match The Clients Needs

We were approached to assist a client that wanted to purchase a new property so they could extend their current Solicitor Practice business. After discussing their enquiry with our Commercial team, the client requested a loan of £195,075 to purchase the security property at a LTV of 85%.

In most cases the lender restricts the LTV to 75% – 80% and with the commercial purchase being at 85% LTV, we had to find a lender that was happy to break with tradition. We identified just that and the lender agreed to lend up to 85% LTV, this gave the client the result they had hoped for.

Given the market trend of lenders unwilling to lend over 80% LTV, this was an excellent result for all involved. The client was delighted with the deal and sent us some kind words stating their satisfaction with the service provided by Paul Atkinson (Director of Mortgages) and the rest of the Commercial team.

  • In-house specialist
  • Satisfied client
  • Efficient service